How to create a menu for an award-winning Chinese restaurant

Vancouver’s award-nominated Chinese restaurant Jingzheng, located on a former military base in Vancouver’s downtown core, is coming to the east end in 2018 with a new menu.

The newly opened location will serve food that features “high quality ingredients, a unique flavour profile, and delicious service”.

The new menu will feature three items that have won Jingzhen’s accolades.

The first, a gourmet china food menu that has a distinctly Chinese flavour, will feature a dish of chicken noodle soup with chicken, ginger, and cucumber.

The second dish is an array of steamed dumplings topped with garlic, mushrooms, and crispy tofu.

And the third dish is a fresh, seasonal meal of roasted duck and tofu, served with a sweet and sour sauce, which was inspired by Jingzeng’s favourite Chinese street food.

Jingzhens food will be available for a limited time and will cost $8.95.

The menu will be shared with guests.

The Jingzang restaurant is located at 955 Richmond St. (map)