Senate passes $1.2 trillion defense bill

The Senate has passed a $1,216 billion defense bill that will give President Donald Trump a $54 billion boost to the military, including $35 billion for the Air Force and $15 billion for Navy ships.

The measure also adds $50 billion to the Defense Department for overseas contingency operations, the White House said on Twitter.

The defense bill passed easily by a vote of 66-32, and the White Trumpet tweeted that the House is now “considering a final version.”

The measure is expected to be signed by the president on Monday.

The bill includes a request to provide $20 billion to combat the spread of the coronavirus, and Trump has said he wants the money for military veterans and their families.

The Senate is expected later this month to vote on a similar request to expand funding for the National Institutes of Health.

The House approved a similar $50.2 billion defense authorization bill earlier this week.

The two bills were introduced in the House and Senate respectively, but the Senate passed the legislation with an overwhelming vote of 100-1.

The legislation, which is expected in the coming weeks, also includes $4 billion for a new “green” initiative to combat greenhouse gas emissions.