Why do you love food? It’s not always a choice

I love food.

I love cooking, baking, baking with friends, cooking meals.

It’s an important part of my life.

But it’s also a big challenge.

I like food when it’s healthy, fresh and simple, and when I’m not working out or eating fast food.

It can be hard to pick out the good stuff and the bad stuff.

I want to eat food that’s as delicious as possible and has the nutrition that it takes to maintain its weight.

I’m always trying to find the perfect thing to eat that’s good for me.

What food do you eat every day?

Food is the single most important thing in my life, I’ve always been very clear about that.

But I’ve never really really tried to focus on the food itself.

It was always a mixture of the foods that I love and the ones that I’d always eat on a regular basis, like meat and fish and pasta.

I was always thinking about how it could be healthier than those things.

I have always tried to eat as many things as I can.

I’ve gone on a diet, Ive done a few different diets, but I’ve mostly tried to get away from processed foods and eat things that are healthy, delicious and easy to make.

Have you ever had a major health scare?


I feel fine.

It happened a couple of years ago when I had a gastric ulcer.

It wasn’t serious.

But after a couple days I was really tired and I was feeling really weak.

I couldn’t stand up straight and I couldn