Irishman ‘dismissed’ as US election eve looms

The Irishman’s gander for food at a local diner has sparked a fierce debate over the limits of democracy in a country which still views the United States as the great power of the world.

Speaking to The Irish Independent, Nonna Murphy, owner of the Dubliner’s Restaurant, said he was not surprised when US President Donald Trump was re-elected in a historic upset.

“It’s not a surprise to me,” he said.

“I think Trump has always been a strong leader, but when he won, I thought it was a bit like a pendulum swinging back and forth.”

Mr Murphy said that after the election the Trump administration did not respond to any of his requests for more information on his food.

“They never asked me any questions.

They didn’t even give me the phone number to contact them.

I thought that was a little bit strange,” he told The Irish Post.”

The fact that they did give me a number is a good sign because I think that the US is now a more stable country.”

But the thing is that they have done everything in their power to keep me off my premises.

“Every single time they’ve called, they’ve been quite insistent on saying that it was ‘not our property’.”

They would say that the law requires that we have a notice and you can’t refuse to serve someone on the basis that you can see them.

“We’ve had to get court orders and they’ve even got an order from a court in New York saying that I cannot serve anyone on the grounds that it’s a public establishment.”

The Trump administration, which has imposed strict immigration restrictions and taken control of immigration in many states, has threatened to sue to overturn the results of the election.

Mr Murphy told The Independent he was pleased that the United Nations General Assembly voted in favour of his restaurant, saying that he would have been disappointed if the US did not get his business.

“You would be very disappointed if that wasn’t the case,” he added.

“In Ireland, we’ve got a strong food culture.

We don’t have any problems with Americans, we have no problems with anyone else, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t come in here and have a go.”

A spokesperson for the Trump White House did not comment on the case, saying it would be inappropriate for them to comment on legal matters.

However, the Irishman said he hoped that US politicians would listen to the public and act in the interest of the people of the United Kingdom.

“If we get a government that does listen, then it is possible that they will take the steps that are needed,” he continued.

“What we want is to see that the UK is a very open and inclusive country and that all people can come here and enjoy themselves.”

Mr Trump won the presidency by more than two million votes.

He is set to be sworn in on January 20.