Mackenzie Gourmet Foods has been banned from Australia due to a health and safety breach

Mackenzie Foods has reportedly been banned by the Federal Government from entering Australia for three years following a health issue with a high concentration of salmonella.

The food safety regulator, Health and Safety at Work (HSSW), issued a ban on Mackenzie last month following the company’s failure to disclose a serious food safety breach in its suppliers.

Mackenzie Foods was found to have breached the Food Safety and Standards Act, which requires suppliers to conduct testing for salmonellosis before they can import food.

The company has also failed to submit a detailed report of its investigation, which included a breakdown of how it tested its suppliers for saline and foodborne pathogens.MACKYNE GOURMET FOODS has also been found to be using the incorrect number of employees to make the decision to import a food from a supplier.

The decision to restrict Mackenzie from entering the country has been criticised by food industry groups and campaigners who have called for greater scrutiny of food imports by foreign companies.

The Federal Government is expected to announce a new ban on food imports from foreign companies later this month.