How to get your next meal at the gourmet buffet

A gourmet food restaurant in New York City is now serving up its first “fusion” meal at a gourmet banquet.

The Fusion Meal, which will be held at the Tuscany’s legendary La Dolce Vita restaurant, features the fusion of Italian and American cuisines.

The restaurant, located at 711 West 60th Street, is opening in January.

It will serve up the new fusion food, a la carte meals, which is the menu concept of a fusion meal.

This includes food from multiple cuisins, from one cuisine to another.

This will be the first gourmet fusion food to be served at the restaurant.

La Dolce Vitae is known for its signature fusion cuisine, including the popular “Bella Terrazza,” which has been the signature dish at the Italian-American restaurant since 2013.

La Della Vita is a favorite of New Yorkers and a tourist attraction in Venice.