I am a gourmet chef!

article A woman who was on the cover of People magazine has written an open letter to the magazine, expressing her frustration with being chosen as the cover girl of a magazine that seems to be focused on fashion and beauty rather than food.

The magazine’s new slogan “The Food of the Future” features a picture of a woman who is wearing a “sexy, glamorous, elegant, and sophisticated look” as part of the new “foodie” theme.

“This is the food of the future,” the headline reads.

“In the next five years, we will be in a period where a lot of people are going to be looking for a new, more sustainable, and healthy lifestyle.”

Gwyneth Paltrow and husband, Tom Cruise, have both made the cover, along with actress Jennifer Lawrence, comedian Sarah Silverman, and fashion designer Gucci Mane.

But the new magazine slogan has sparked a backlash from some of the magazine’s women readers.

In a letter to Time, Sarah Kish, who co-founded the Everyday Feminism website, wrote:”As someone who is a foodie and a blogger, I was really interested in seeing what the new slogan means and how it was changing the food industry.

It sounds like it would mean more foodies and less foodies, but it really means less food in general.”

The women wrote:In the past, food was a central part of magazines, including People and The New Yorker.

But now, with the advent of social media, we’re seeing magazines that seem to focus more on beauty, fashion and celebrity endorsements than food, they wrote.

“As the foodie of the next 50 years, I am concerned that the food sector is being overtaken by the food world,” Ms Kish wrote.

Ms Kish said she was “disappointed” by the magazine slogan and that she was not surprised to find the new cover was chosen.

“The Foodies’ Union was formed to make sure food was featured in magazines like this, and I have never been more disappointed to see that they chose to feature a woman,” she wrote.

She also called for the magazine to “make the foodier women more prominent” in the future, including in the cover.

“I hope that this is an example for other magazines to follow, to make women more visible in the media and to include women of color in the editorial team,” Ms Shulman said.

“Hopefully the magazine will make a big change in the way they promote the food in their magazines.”