Isabella Gourmet Foods is opening a restaurant in NYC

New York City-based, the company behind the popular gourmet food vans in New York and beyond, announced it will be opening a new gourmet restaurant in Manhattan in early 2018.

The gourmet van program began in New Jersey in 2012, when the van company, , took over and moved it to the East Coast, where it was rebranded in 2016.

The New York location will be called Isabella’s Gourmet Kitchen and features a large kitchen with a large selection of dishes, including a variety of gourmet chicken wings, a variety bbq ribs, burgers and pizza.

Isabella is also adding two new gourmand food vans to its menu, which will include a variety gourmet soups and baked goods, plus some of its traditional gourmet favorites.

The brand’s new gaunt van will be named The Gourmet van, and will be based in New Rochelle, New York.

It will include the same cooking methods as the gourmet vans that it has been in the market with since 2011.

Gourmet vans have long been popular in New England, where they have been a popular way for residents to sample gourmet dishes and enjoy unique food at a reasonable price.