When is the best time to order a gourmet meal?

The best time for dining at a gilded steakhouse is now a year ago, and the restaurant chain has taken a big hit with a slew of closures in recent months.

In the latest, the chain announced that it had closed all of its Toronto restaurants, including the flagship steakhouse, in the wake of “the severe financial pressures.”

The chain had originally planned to open all of the restaurants in mid-January, but its sales and profits fell as the holiday season hit and the restaurants began closing.

As of Wednesday, its restaurants were closed across Canada.

The Toronto restaurant chain had been the largest restaurant chain in Canada for a decade.

The closures come as the chain is in the midst of a massive expansion drive, with new locations opening in major cities such as Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Calgary-area malls, and in Toronto.

The chain has also been dealing with a rash of food poisoning incidents, with more than 100 people sickened in Ontario and more than 80 in British Columbia.

The company said in a statement that it is “continuing to work closely with all parties impacted by this devastating event.”

It added that the company will offer additional resources to support the affected communities, and has offered support to the restaurant owners who are impacted.

Gilded restaurants have been a cornerstone of Toronto’s culinary scene for decades, but the chain’s demise has been met with widespread concern and community outrage.

The Globe and Mail’s Scott McManus visited some of the Toronto restaurants that were shuttered this year, which included the iconic James Beard Award-winning steakhouse in the heart of the city’s downtown.