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Food vouchers are a great way to support local food producers and restaurants by giving them the ability to purchase food from other farmers or restaurants in your area.

But there are also many different types of food vouchers.

If you are a local restaurant owner, how do you make the most of them?

Here are the top five ways to use them in your local market.1.

Use your local farmers market vouchers to buy groceries at the grocery store2.

Buy from farmers markets in your community3.

Buy groceries at local farmers markets4.

Use coupons to help purchase groceries from other businesses in your town5.

Use food vouchers to purchase groceries at other grocery stores to help support local farmers and food producers1.

Get a coupon to use to buy food at a farmers market2.

Use coupon code “food voucher” to buy a loaf of bread from a local farmers’ market3.

Use “food vouchers” to get groceries at a local grocery store4.

Get coupons to buy an ounce of coffee at a cafe5.

Get coupon code to buy ice cream at a ice cream parlorFor more information on how to use your local food vouchers and how to help farmers and businesses, check out the links below.1) The Greenfield Food Bank2) Food Banks of Western New York and Western New Jersey3) Community Food Bank of Western Massachusetts and Western Massachusetts4) Food Bank in Northern New Jersey5) Food Pantry in Central New York