How to get the best gourmet canned foods in LA

How to find the best, freshest gourmet food in LA.

Read moreA new app called “gourmet foods” will give you a real-time view of what’s available at a gourmet grocery store, and will offer you a range of options to choose from, including a variety of meat, cheese, and meat-free options.

“If you’re not sure what you want, you can try a few things and you’ll find a perfect match,” said Angelina Gourmet Foods CEO Angelina Gonzalez.

The app will be launching this month, and the first two weeks will be free.

The service will be available at the following locations:Atlas Supermarket, 6100 W. 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90026, (213) 734-3855; The Warehouse, 1310 N. Van Nuys Blvd., Los Santos, CA 92110, (818) 934-2388; and the Los Angeles Center for Gourmet Food, 1833 S. Main St., Pasadena, CA 91108, (626) 564-3200.

A special edition of the app will also be available in December, including an exclusive taste of Angelina’s gourmet cheeses.

Angelina says the app was born out of the frustration she and her team had with the lack of gourmet groceries in LA, and she is hoping to get this idea off the ground and into people’s homes as quickly as possible.

“I’m trying to raise awareness of the fact that there’s a shortage of gummy bears in LA,” she said.

“We’re also trying to get people to buy locally grown gourmet produce.

The whole idea of the project is to get them to see the world as a different type of consumer, and to bring back the food we love.”

Gourmet food lovers in LA should be aware that the app has been discontinued.

In the past, Angelina said she and the company had to make an extra trip to the grocery store because of the demand, but that they are now getting enough support to make it work again.

“The grocery store was an absolute dream to launch the app and it really helped us get it off the drawing board,” she added.

“It’s an experience that we’re all really looking forward to.”