How to find the best Italian gourmet restaurants in Italy

The Italian food scene is dominated by a few Italian giants, but it’s a crowded, evolving landscape.

A few Italian restaurants have the potential to redefine the whole Italian food concept, but for the time being, we’re going to focus on the big names.

These are the best gourmet delis, bakeries and eateries in Italy.

The list includes a few of the biggest names in Italy, but don’t be surprised to find one or two other gourmet options in there as well.

The Italian bistro chain Nonna’s, which has a reputation for being the best in Italy for gourmet dining, has a full menu of gourmet Italian fare, including some of the best traditional Italian dishes.

We’ve included a couple of the restaurants below that we think are worth checking out.

And finally, you can see a full list of gummiest, scariest and best gummy treats in Italy below.