Chinese food can be delicious if you have a bit of Asian flavor in it

The Asian fusion scene has exploded in recent years, with restaurants across the country popping up to cater to the growing market.

Here are some of our favorites.


Kikkoman – Kikkomen, a Taiwanese noodle restaurant in Manhattan, has become a hot spot for a variety of ethnicities.


The Szechuan Noodle House – Located in the East Village, The Sondrio offers traditional Korean food, but also has a few things to offer to the non-Asian crowd.


The Korean BBQ at The Bong-Noodle House (aka “The Bong Noodle Room”) is a hot dog stand that’s become a must-see for Asian travelers.


The Chinese-inspired food at The Chow Chow, a Chinese takeout spot in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, is well worth the trek to get a taste of a Chinese-American cuisine.


Thai Cuisine at Tandem at Lincoln Center – The iconic Asian restaurant at Lincoln Hall is also home to some of the most authentic, delicious, and delicious Thai food around.


The Tango at Tango Cafe in Chinatown – A popular spot for Thai food in Chinatown, this Thai restaurant offers an array of flavors from sweet to spicy.


The Churro at The Thai Kitchen in the Bronx, home to a few of the best Thai food I’ve had.


The Cantonese at Sushi Tamari – A sushi restaurant in the South Bronx, this Japanese restaurant has some of Asia’s best dishes.


The Asian Bistro at Chinatown Bistros – Located near the Statue of Liberty in Manhattan and in the heart of the Brooklyn-Queens area, Chinatown Bistsros is a great place to grab some tasty Asian food.


The Bamboo Room at Siam’s Thai Restaurant – Located right next door to the Grand Hyatt Hotel, this upscale Thai restaurant is a popular destination for Chinese tourists.