The best Italian food in the world

The best restaurant in the Mediterranean is one that is both very unique and a big part of the Mediterranean’s identity.

The restaurant is called Gourmet Italian.

The Gourmet Italy restaurant in Rome is known for its fresh, authentic and sophisticated dishes that are prepared using a wide variety of traditional ingredients.

The food was first introduced in Italy in 2005, when the restaurant was launched by renowned chef Antonio Cossone and his wife, Lucia, who had a love for all things Italian.

The couple opened the restaurant with their children, who are now adults, as well as a few guests from the United States.

The Gourmet Italians menu includes a selection of authentic Italian dishes, from the traditional to the unique, and they have been a popular destination for tourists from around the world since the restaurant opened in 2005.

The Gourmand Restaurant was opened in 2009 by two Italians, Marco and Stefano Di Parma.

They have created a restaurant that combines the best of Italian cooking with modern tastes.

They believe that when you try new food, you can never go wrong.

They use fresh, local ingredients, produce, meats and seafood, and have added their own unique flavors.

The Di Parmas are a couple who have worked together since 1999.

Their restaurant was named one of the Top 25 Italian Restaurants by Michelin and one of New York Magazine’s Best New Restaurants in 2011.

The Giampiero Di Pama’s family is famous for its pasta and other dishes, but the Gourmet Restaurant also serves a variety of other traditional dishes.

They serve traditional Italian cheeses and salted meats, but they also serve dishes that feature seasonal ingredients such as the fresh basil.

They even offer a daily salad, with vegetables, salads and other items.

The menu includes the traditional Italian menu, with a wide selection of fresh ingredients, including basil, fresh pasta, and seasonal meats and fish, including the fresh Parmesan and the seasonal basil.

Other specialties include the traditional risotto, pizza, and other traditional Italian dishes.

Di Parma is a well-known chef and restaurateur in Rome and a former editor at The New York Times Magazine.

He is also the executive chef at the renowned Giampietta restaurant in Italy, which he created in 2004 with his wife Lucia, and a member of the Michelin-starred Italian restaurant group.

The Italian restaurant is the first Italian restaurant to open in New York City and has been a favorite of travelers and locals for decades.