What do I know about the LISA’s Gourmet Foods?


I’ll give you a bit of background:  LISA’s gourmet food is a brand that has been around for nearly 15 years, with two locations in New York City and one in Los Angeles. 

The company began in 1999, and it is owned by an entrepreneur who’s father is the CEO of the now defunct Pancake Express.

It has over 50 restaurants across the United States and Canada.

In the late 1990s, LISA was one of the first to develop the concept of a “healthy snack.”

LISA’s gouda-filled, creamy puddings are topped with a filling of “gourmet” cheeses, nuts, and fresh herbs, as well as a touch of cayenne pepper and dried chives.

 There are also various types of fruit and vegetables to choose from, as they’re known for making “garden” flavors. 

In addition to its healthy offerings, Lisa’s has a wide variety of flavors to choose, including: •  Creamy, chewy, slightly sweetened, and flavorful crackers from The Baked Goods Company.

•   Sauce-filled puffs made with a blend of cheese, honey, and herbs from The Baked & Baked, a dessert restaurant that has a huge selection of flavors. There are a couple special flavors, including cinnamon, peppermint, and gingerbread.

Lisa’s also offers breakfast and lunch items, along with a variety of desserts. 

What do I need to know?

The LISA website features a variety of products, including  gourmet gourmet iced iced tea,  nut and herb smoothies, chocolate-covered iced coffee, iced oatmeal, ice cream, crunchy iced chips, lobster iced sandwiches, bacon and egg iced cereal, chips, and other snacks.

The company’s signature flavors are:  • Bacon iced muffins with bacon, on top of  crispy, fresh baked bacon and tomatoes, and  smashed with cream cheese, licorice, garlic, cumin, and red pepper flakes.

This  muffin is made with layers of iced chocolate and bacon and a generous serving of cheese, and is served with a dipping sauce made from scratch with vegan butter, salt, grits, flour, and eggs.

Here’s a look at LISAs goudamatic offerings: LISAS CHEESE: Lisa is known for its delicious cheese and bacon sandwiches.

Their famous bacon-wrapped cheese curds are made with cheese, ground bacon, and a splash of cream cheese. 

They also offer lighter-than-average cheese sandwiches that are made from ground-up bacon, topped with cheese and chives. 

LISAs baked goods also include  slices of chicken, salmon, fish, eggs, and more.

They also have a cheeseburger, burgers, pork chops, chili fries, potato chips, and cheese sticks. 


LISSAS CHILD BEVERAGES: The Birds Nest Cafe in New Jersey, where LISA was founded, is one of LISAS  locations.

According to a spokesperson for LISC and LISA, the Birds Nest Café  has been serving LISA  and its  owners since 1998.

“LISA has a proud history in New England, serving as a home to a number of local food brands, including the Birds Nest Cafe, LISC, and LISA Foods,” said the spokesperson.

I don’t recall ever hearing about LISA having any involvement in wild bird conservation. 

So, what is LISA?

LISC is a food and beverage brand that focuses on healthy ingredients, healthful products that are made with local, sustainable products and ingredients, and, above all, great tasting and delicious food. 

BISC is the brand that lives up to its name, with an array of food products that include: A lunchbox full of healthy iced smoothies and iced teas; LISSAs cheesy-flavored iced beverages; The Lissas Lunch