Which food items should be at your next gourmet buffet?

Gourmet Buffet Food: Spicy Chicken Salad | Spicy Spicy Beef Salad | Beef, Cheese, Tomato, and Green Tomato Salad | Pork, Chicken, and Vegetable Salad | Chicken Tenders | Chicken Wings | Vegetable Wraps | Meatballs | Spiced Pork Patties | Meatloaf | Chicken Salad with Cheese | Chicken Wraps with Peanut Sauce | Spaghetti Squash | Chicken and Vegetables Salad | Potato and Carrots Salad | Corn Dogs with Cheese and Ketchup | Corn Pies with Cheese, Ketchup, and Mayo | Cornbread Rolls | Spiked Cornbread Balls | Spinach and Cheddar Cheese Rolls | Beef and Cabbage Rolls | Chicken, Fish, and Spinach Rolls | Sausage Rolls | Macaroni & Cheese Rolls with Macaronioli | Spritz Pops | Crispy Beef Pattys | Crisp Beef and Mushroom Patties with Mushroom Sauce | Crisps Beef and Cheese Patties and Cheese | Beef Patty Melt | Crisped Beef Patty with Mushrooms | Beef Patties Loaded with Mushberries | Pork Chops and Cajun Shrimp Patties| Pork Patty Melt with Mushries | Crispin’ Bacon Patties & Cheese | Pork Pattie Melt with Mushroom sauce | Bacon, Onion, & Cheese Pattie | Bacon & Mushrooms Patties for a Big Bang | Bacon Cheese Pattys | Chicken & Mushroom Pattys for a Happy Meal | Chicken Mac & Cheese & Mushroom Sauce for a Great Meal | Mac & Mushros Patties.