Manitoba restaurant owners sue over anti-discrimination rules

WINNIPEG — A Manitoba restaurant owner is suing the province over a plan to eliminate anti-discrimination rules for people from a racial group.

The Winnipeg Restaurant Association is representing James M. Waggoner and the owners of The Bier, a Winnipeg restaurant that has a strong presence in the community.

Marianne Furlong-Mullin, an attorney with the association, said she is confident that the proposed changes to the Employment Standards Act won’t harm business.

“I think they will just give us an opportunity to continue to do business in the city and the province of Manitoba,” she said.

“I am confident that this is just the right thing to do for the people of Winnipeg.”

The Manitoba government introduced a proposed rule change in May to the province’s Employment Standards Code in response to complaints that restaurants in Winnipeg were unfairly discriminating against African-Canadians.

The new rules would require businesses to include a policy on their business website that says the following: “Employment discrimination is a serious problem in Manitoba.

It affects the livelihoods of people of all ages and abilities.”