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TULSA, Okla.

— Spicewool Gourmet foods is incorporated into the food and beverage business with the signing of a joint venture agreement that is expected to close in about two weeks, said Greg Smith, chief executive officer of Spicewolf.

The business has more than 2,000 employees in four Oklahoma cities and is owned by Smith and his brother-in-law, Scott, according to a release.

SpicEWolf will be based at Spiceways on Oklahoma’s west side, and the restaurant will operate as a standalone business, Smith said.

The deal is expected close in two weeks and was done in conjunction with the Toccoa County Economic Development Authority, he said.

SpicEWood has been offering restaurant food and dining options in Tocotoc for nearly a decade.

It started in Tulsa in 2000, and opened two restaurants in Oklahoma City and Oklahoma City-Riverside.

It expanded into the Taos area, and Smith said it opened in Taos in 2017.

The company has expanded its operations to include restaurants in the Rio Grande Valley, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and San Diego.

Smith said Spicews goal is to have a full range of products, from sushi to breakfast sandwiches, to be available to the community.

“We want to be a destination, not just a place for you to eat, but a place to eat and drink,” Smith said in a statement.

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