Delitalia’s new gourmet restaurant opens in Austin, Texas

The Austin-based chain delitalia is opening a restaurant in Austin that’s geared toward upscale food fans.

The new delitalias is named Delitalias Delitalios and will open in the former T-Mobile Wireless store space at 4100 South Lamar Blvd.

The restaurant is expected to open in early 2019.

The delitalios will be a destination for delis from around the world.

It will be the third delitalian in Texas, joining Delitalie in Dallas and Delitaliana in San Antonio.

They will both offer a range of delis, from specialty to regular.

They are all part of the same chain.

Delitaliano’s will have a restaurant that will feature gourmet meals, wine and craft beer, as well as the mobile app.

The website says it will also be the home of the delitias food truck.

The menu will include dishes like the Italian-style lasagna with salted caramelized onion, grilled cheese, fresh parsley and tomato, with a side of roasted peppers.

It also will include a dessert, which includes a strawberry shortcake and a chocolate chip cookie doughnut.

The delitalie’s will be served in a deli-style kitchen.

Delitalia was founded in 2016 and has restaurants in Houston, Austin and Dallas.

It has locations in San Diego, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia.

It is owned by brothers Gianni and Francesco Delitalio.

The new delitia restaurant will be open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

It’ll also offer free wifi and free parking.

Delita’s will serve a limited menu of delitios.