What you need to know about HGTV’s HGTV Food & Drinks trivia contest

A popular HGTV food trivia contest is back, and it’s getting more fun with each passing week.

In celebration of the contest’s 40th anniversary, The Huffington Post is giving readers a behind-the-scenes look at how the competition came to be and how it’s being reinvented for a more modern audience.

Here are the highlights: The first time you enter the contest, you get a 10-minute window where you can choose your answers and share them on Facebook.

After that, you can vote for a new contestant each week.

After you’ve selected a new participant, you’ll have to wait to be contacted by the contestants.

After all contestants have voted, they’re randomly chosen by a panel of HGTV experts.

After the panelists select the winners, you’re given a 10th chance to win the chance to host your own trivia show.

The first episode of the new show, hosted by HGTV host and longtime foodie Eric Berger, aired on April 29.

You’ll also have a chance to make the final 10 contestants.

The show will be taped at the show’s Las Vegas venue and will air on HGTV in 2019.

What’s your favorite trivia moment from the past 40 years?

What would you like to see the next 40 years bring to the table?

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